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Hello dear Gentlemen,

I am not just a pretty face with a gorgeous figure. My name is Sky Brighton. I am a published Siberian/British model and I've been living, studying and working in Europe with a great ability to travel around the world.

I find escorting as part of my cultural and social affairs and enjoy company of older gentlemen. I am genuinely bisexual and happy to meet interesting ladies as well. I speak fluent English and Russian. I enjoy long rendezvous such as theatre performances, dinner dates and gallery viewings. I am pretty good at snowboarding and scuba diving. I wouldn't mind meeting even for a short encounter, since I can create a unique experience for any occasion.

My dream is to run a small business, rather it would be a boutique hotel/town guest house or children early development centre, since I am a mum to a lovely daughter who is 5 years old. Also, I am good at hosting and making people comfortable and at ease. I've got a BA (Hons) degree in International Hotel Management and Event Management, all obtained in a leading UK university. I am well educated, confident and professional lady when it comes to a serious business, yet we can always have a naughty affair with any serious business aside :) I believe I am a self-content person with unique personality. I am not a dreamer, I am an achiever! Sexual, sensual and sensational with beauty, balls and brains, six little words to describe myself in full. Explore your possibilities with me rather than keep yourself in a closet!

Sky Brighton

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